Since October 2014, under a joint mission with the Egyptian SCA, the New Kingdom Research Foundation has been re-clearing a series of open shaft tombs located at the mouth of the Wadi El-Agaala. So far three of these shaft tombs have been cleared. In the coming season, the team will clear the fourth shaft and the spoil heaps.

From the excavations undertaken so far, it seems that the contents of the tombs were taken out intact and that they were broken and robbed of their valuables on the surface. The remaining debris was then thrown back or simply fell back into the tombs with the passing years. There are indications from pottery and glass inlays that this site was in use during the reign of Akhenaten and also that someone from these shafts was buried with a rishi-work coffin, possibly of a similar design to the one in KV55. The most obvious candidate associated with this site would be Nebtnuhet, a Great Wife of Amenhotep III.